Thursday, February 23, 2012

Shock, Lock, and Barrel.

Sitting in class, I found myself pondering about my last post.

I suppose putting it into words made me realize the extent of shock I was in. I've always known that when it happened I felt no pain, nor fear; but I never realized how amazing that function of "shock" can be. The processes of our minds and bodies are so incredible.

I sustained great injury - near-fatal burns and internal (and mental/emotional) trauma - yet I felt calm, almost peaceful.

I was lying on the street next to my home completely obliterated, as well as the homes of my neighbors, who were frantically doing everything they could in the mess of burning debris to help my family and I - and even our dogs - as much as possible.
At the time, I saw this chaotic picture. Yet all I registered was how all of my "grown up" neighbors were in their pajamas (it occurred a little before 7 in the morning).

The body and the mind are truly amazing. So long as we take care of them, they'll do what they must to take care of us in our time of need.

Never put much thought to that until now.

Huh. I suppose this blogging thing may have more advantages than I originally anticipated.

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